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Our Testimony about Las Vegas Modern Kung Fu. About 2 years ago our daughter Xiangwen joined Wushu and loved it. Because of the family atmosphere that Coach JJ and Zula have created at the school. There style of teaching is a mixture of love, caring and discipline. The team concept that the Coaches have instill in the students have definiately showed them that their is no "I" in the word Team. All members of the school take care of each other and they are each others brothers and sisters. Not to mention the involvement of the parents. This has also nurchered a family environment. My daughter always looks forward to attending her classes and seeing her Wushu family. Xiangwen, since taking Wushu, has built up her self confidence of presenting herself in front of large groups. Her ability to handle constructive criticism and Wushu has helped her with her cardio which has made her a better athlete in Track and Field. So, we would like to t... hank Coach JJ and Coach Zula, as well as the entire students and parents of Las Vegas Modern Kung Fu.

I June, have also been taking a Tai Chi class from Coach JJ. I can't express how relaxing this class is for me. It truly put's your mind at ease. Just listening to the music and moving ever so slowly. When I am stress doing Tai Chi, just relaxes me. I can honestly say that my stress and or aching body goes away. When I am at home I do my Tai Chi, every day for about 20 minutes whether in the morning or at night before I go to bed. I invite anyone to come and join the Tai Chi class with us. You will have so much fun and be relaxed.

Thank you Coach JJ
Thank you so very much,
Terry, June and Xiangwen
My kids and I have been attending this school since the start of the school year. The kids really enjoy it. They have fun, learn and gain respect for themselves and for adults. I really enjoy the adult class and getting to feel kind of like a kid once a week. JJ and Zula are great. There is a wonderful family atmosphere there.
In 2005, our son, Joseph, was just a restless 9 years old boy, who had too much energy and a hard time to concentrate at school. He tried different martial arts schools in town but none of them could keep him interested, until we found Master Jian at Las Vegas Modern Kung Fu.
Master Jian ZengJiao, affectionately called by his students and parents as Coach JJ , is not only an expert of his craft, but also an excellent instructor. He is patient, energetic, creative and inspirational. He customizes individual routines for his students according to their personality and ability. He also provides performance opportunities for students to strengthen their self-confidence.
Coach JJ inspires Joseph to work hard and achieve his best. His training has intensified as his love of Chinese martial art grew. In 2012 International Chinese Martial Arts Championship Worldwide Circuit, he won 4 gold and 1 silver metals, as well as the Wushu Teen – Advanced Boys Grand Championship. He is also listed as the top contender in all of his categories in ICMAC, Northern America. Now, at 16, Joseph is a mild mannered honor student with high self esteem. He was also selected as a Student Ambassador at Advance Technology Academy. His achievement would have been impossible without the guidance and the encouragement of Coach JJ and Coach Zula. Their love and passion for their students had inspired parents like us to recognize the importance of Wushu in our son’s life. We strongly encourage others to share our wonderful experience at LVMKF.
Coach JJ and Zula, we thank you for all that you’ve done for Joseph through the years. We will continue to support him and our LVMKF family.
Joseph, Sr. and Cindy Cheung